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Auctions Buzz ID Verification !!!

ID Verification Through PayPal

Establish your proof of identity with ID Verification - an easy way to help others trust you as their trading

How to get your ID Verified on Auctions Buzz? Follow these easy steps!

Why Should You Be Verified ?

- You do not have to be verified in order to buy on Auctions Buzz, but doing so makes you a more appealing buyer. Sellers have an option of disallowing Not ID Verified buyers from bidding on their auctions. Buyers Can easily spot whether the seller is ID Verified or not , this will enable the buyer to choose whether to bid on certain item or not.

- On Auctions, people are putting up cash and property against the faith and integrity of other users so it is imperative that we do what we can to insure the integrity of our users. We believe that the high caliber and accountability of our sellers is worth the trouble of verification. And our sellers feel the same about verified buyers. and best of all it,s fast and only cost a small payment of  $ 2.00 through paypal and help us achieve our goal to create a Fraud-Free and affordable marketplace .

- If you are unsure of the value of being a verified member, you're encouraged to browse the auction categories and participate in the message forums. Ask plenty of questions in the forums. You don't have to get verified to feel like family.

 - Verified accounts are noted with a green dot next to the username whereas not verified ones have a red one. and the following stamp picture     will appear within your auction listing .

How Do You Verify Your Account ?


- You must be logged into your My Auctions Buzz account for the verification process. Please login (after creating a new account if you do not have one) and then click on My Account tab button. On Details page you will see "Verify via Paypal" button. You can click on the button to complete verification and quickly receive verified status.

- Fee: Verification costs $2.00 and is valid until your name, address, phone number, email, username change.

- After you have been verified, you can see your status at the time when you logged in, under Welcome message, in the top right corner area. If you pay with PayPal, but use a non-instant transaction method (such as an eCheck), it may delay your verification process. If you have problems becoming verified, please contact us


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